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Karen understands the importance of successful business networking. As a local entrepreneur, she quickly discovered it's not only ‘who you know' but just as importantly ‘who knows you'. After all, you can't get that referral if people don't know you exist! As Karen started to foster ties with other business owners she realized her passion for helping others to achieve success in their own businesses. She developed a strong conviction that women would benefit from a specific type of networking group - one where they could gain from social networking and business growth but still have a friendly and welcoming environment.

Soon after opening her primary business in 2008, Karen developed the BusiWomen Networking Group. This group helps entrepreneurs to establish both professional and social ties in the community while developing public speaking skills, presentation skills, business goals and meaningful business connections.

BusiWomen strives to have a different take on networking. We believe it's hard to get a true referral (or to give one for that matter) until you develop a level of confidence with that individual and their business. The reality is many business transactions are based on using services of people you know, like and trust and so we look to establish both professional and social ties to help your business succeed. We take a hands on approach to networking as we understand the frustration of leaving a networking event with a handful of business cards that you`re going to put into the draw with the other handfuls of business cards. This isn`t networking, this is business card collecting!

The goal of BusiWomen Networking Group is quite simple: to develop and grow our businesses while we support each other, promote each other and even have a few laughs along the way. By sharing our challenges and our successes we can build a network of friends and peers that we can turn to comfortably for advice, gain new insight and generate contacts and leads. We understand that the true joy of networking is putting people together to meet their needs.


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