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Is Your Business Goal To Get Nowhere Fast?

Every business needs a business plan

Image A business without a plan is just like a car without a steering wheel. Can you go fast? Absolutely! But I guarantee it's going to be a bumpy and often scary ride. And let's not forget the minor detail of you having no control of your fate.

The reality is every business needs a business plan (with defined goals, marketing, business consulting and a SWOT analysis to start). A properly defined plan is your steering wheel to success. It sets the foundation to market and brand your business, generate profits and attract new customers.

Every business should have a simple, but tailored made document that is specific to them. The goal isn't to have a fancy piece of paper that sits in a draw, but rather to have a well used document that is your 'think tank'. It is designed to be used, written on, changed around and help you generate the business you want. A good plan should look at:

  • Marketing, branding, brochures, social media and other ways people find you
  • Increasing revenue and having steady profits
  • Expanding your reach and finding new customers
  • Having clarity with their business vision and big projects
  • Being accountable and having proper time management
  • Developing confidence with your business and your skills

If you are putting a lot of time and effort into your business, but feel you are getting nowhere fast, then it may be time to get some expert advice.

With having owned several businesses of her own and developing them from start-up to profitable entities, Karen Baring, a sought after business coach, marketing consultant and Founder of BusiWomen Networking, now meets, mentors and coaches over 100 women each and every month to empower them to take control of their business and reach new financial heights.

There is no cookie cutter approach to helping a small business reach their goals. A proper private one-on-one mentoring, customized to what you really need allows you to obtain a professional, unbiased and objective opinion.

When it comes to your business failing to plan really could be you planning to fail. Take the time and get the guidance you need to set your business up for success and it won't be long before you are coasting all the way to the bank!

Karen Baring


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