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Why Marketing Your Business is so Important!

Imagine you sold a one-of-a-kind item and it ROCKED! Demand is soaring, and competition non-existent. In fact, revenue is so high that the financial institution you use is holding a parade solely in your honor. Sounds pretty good, huh?

open for businessUnfortunately this may not really mesh with reality. Each one of our businesses is in a competitive environment, its as plain and simple as that. Customers are increasingly demanding, competitors are creeping in and businesses that weren't initially your competition are offering more products and services that overlap with yours.

Whether or not you have a product that isn't offered by many, or you are selling a product that is very main stream, your marketing strategy is fundamental to your success. The way you market your company's brand, products and services can mean the difference between you or your competitor getting the sale.

How Can a Better My Own Marketing Strategy?

Business Cards: They are meant to be handed out and ensure they are updated.

Pictures: Send your client a picture of a product you think they may be interested in, or a picture of the client using your product.

Network: Use your network to the fullest. Be engaging, interact with the other members. Watch what you say. ACT LIKE YOU WANT TO BE THERE!!! Also, it's not who you know, but who knows you!

Cross Promote: There is strength in numbers. Promote with another business and both of you can reap the benefits of more exposure.

How Can a Marketing Consultant Help You With Your Business?

Skill Set: Marketing is a broad field that requires a wide range of skills. There should be strategies, research, and the ability to effectively communicate.

Core Competencies: Your core competencies are what your clients value in you and what they pay you for. Therefore, time spent on tasks unrelated to your core competencies is time not focused on maximizing your revenue and focussing on your areas of expertise.

Perspective: There's nothing harder than marketing yourself. It's kind of like trying to be your own therapist--it's very hard to do from an internal vantage point. Marketing requires an external, objective and skilled observer to accurately evaluate your business, your marketing strategy and your marketing materials.

Strategic Approach: Small-business owners who attempt to manage their own marketing activities often do so in a piecemeal fashion, moving from tactic to tactic without ever developing a comprehensive strategy. Your marketing strategy should be conveying a clear and consistent message that is integrated throughout all your marketing activities.

Whether you hire someone to help you, or are doing it yourself, know that your marketing strategy is a crucial component to the growth and success of your business.

Karen Baring


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