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Thanks But No Thanks

Act like a lady AND think like a lady AND be your own boss

Image Baggage - we all own it. Work. Bills. Family. Health. These are usually the first things we think about. It's the 'stuff' we always have floating around in our head.

As a business strategist for women entrepreneurs (as well as a Mom of a young daughter) I'm not bothered by this list particular list because as humans, we all have it. I am, however, completely frustrated by what's NOT on the list. Items we as females have unknowingly accepted. We are truly bombarded by sociality norms that stack the business odds against us and because it's the 'norm', it is not questioned enough.

Well it's time for all of us to shed some extra pounds today and lighten both our personal and business loads.

Think of your business as a race to the Finish Line. But without even knowing it, your race starts 100 meters behind, while you carry an extra 50 pounds. Because of the unknown burdens, you didn't do as well as you planned. Our course the loss isn't taken lightly, it understandably messes with your self-confidence and your self-worth as a business owner. The word 'FAILURE' is now added to your baggage causing you to run even slower next time. Do you see the vicious cycle? Good. I hope you do and now it's driving you a little bit nuts as well.

Let me give you a prime example of what I mean. We tell people to 'man up' and take ownership. The phrase 'man up' alludes that to make a tough decision you have to be a man. Or, my favourite phrase to hate is, 'grow a pair', insinuating a person can not properly do what needs to be done unless they are a man.

I can make this promise to you with 100 percent certainly...

At this stage of your life, no matter how hard you push ladies, you won't be growing testicles!!

After all, growing testicles is not like growing a bean plant. I mean, you can't just throw some dirt and a dried up testicle bean into your pants, add water, a good shake of Miracle Grow, and presto, something sprouts up. In fact, it is physically impossible for any woman to naturally accomplish, and yet, one of our common phrases tossed around in everyday life, says that you require a pair of testicles to 'man up' and hold your own.

It's only one phrase, but it's also yet another drop in the over flowing bucket of what we are told as women in business that we can not do.

Check out this ad by Bic published in August 2015, not 1915 …. 2015. How many executives at the Bic Empire didn't flinch at the insinuation that a women has to 'think like a man' for her to be successful? And don't even get me started on the irony of the hashtag.

I need you to take a good look at your bag. As an entrepreneur and a female, what is weighting you down? Is it truly something you need to own or did you just assume it should be there? Be responsible. In fact don't just be responsible. Be overly protective of what you claim as yours. There will always be people trying to or put obstacles in your way. Notice, they are called obstacles, not dead ends. Exchange that baggage for empowerment.

'Act like a lady but think like a man?' Thanks but no thanks. So grab a Bic pen and write this down, "Act like a lady AND think like a lady AND be your own boss".... Use Bic's own weapon to say 'we won't allow you to rent space in our heads or room in your bags'! Now, let the real race begin!

Karen Baring


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