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Your Friends with Who?

I'm likely going to tell you to dump a friend, or two... or five.
Take a close look at the neighbourhood you have created.

Yes. I'm going there. I want to know, who do you hang out with? If you're sitting beside a good friend, gaze into their eyes and smile. Continue reading...

Thanks But No Thanks

Act like a lady AND think like a lady AND be your own boss
Baggage - we all own it. Work. Bills. Family. Health. These are usually the first things we think about. It's the 'stuff' we always have floating around in our head. Continue reading...

Is Your Business Goal To Get Nowhere Fast?

Every business needs a business plan
A business without a plan is just like a car without a steering wheel. Can you go fast? Absolutely! But I guarantee it’s going to be a bumpy and often scary ride. Continue reading...

Is Your Business Awesome?

What is the quality make you different compared to all the others?
As a business consultant, let me get right down to business and ask you, "What exactly makes you so special?" I feel people beginning to squirm. Continue reading...

Sorry I Don't Speak Your Language

Some helpful tips to understand personality languages/types.
What if we just met at a networking event and you confidently introduce yourself. It’s now my turn and I smile and reply with, “Ooga booga booga”! Continue reading...

Make Sure You're Playing Santa

What can we learn about networking from the big man in red?
For a moment, think of right before Christmas and the line up at the mall with all kids waiting to see Santa. What does every kid do? Continue reading...

Are You One Of the 38 Percent of Entrepreneurs?

Did you know that 38 percent of entrepreneurs break their New Year Resolutions for their businesses by January 15th?
Okay, I’m just pulling your leg and I completely made that up! However, I bet I had a whole bunch of you thinking. Continue reading...

Not Needing A Brown Paper Bag

Imagine this: You’re just about to enter a packed room.
It’s full of complete strangers and you’re going to randomly select one of them and tell them about your business. I bet this article should have come with a built in brown paper bag as I can feel the queasiness and distinct level of ‘ewwwww’ oozing out of you. Continue reading...

Don't Make Them Crave Popcorn

Have you ever heard of a first date that went horribly, horribly wrong?
As all the gory details are spilled, you wish a bag of popcorn magically appeared because you’re captivated, amused, in disbelief and horrified all at the same time... Continue reading...

You've Got it, Now Keep It!

I use to collect magnets. At first it was when we took a trip I’d picked up a souvenir magnet and put it on our fridge.
It didn’t take long before friends and family started to give me magnets from their trips as well (which made me look like one heck of a traveller). At one point we had so many magnets that it was hard to remember the colour of our fridge! The only thing we had to do with the existing magnets was to shove them over to make some room for the new ones. Continue reading...

The Importance of Change

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
- Albert Einstein

Change. Ch-ange. Ch-ange. It doesn’t matter how you say it, to many it’s a dreaded word. After all, change can be scary, very scary … right up their with ‘financial audit’, ‘the boogieman’, and ‘winter of 2013/14’. But change is fundamental. If the winter didn’t turn into spring we wouldn’t have the flowers, picnics and bbqs on the patio, if babies didn’t turn into kids we would be perpetually sleep deprived! Continue reading...

Why Marketing Your Business is so Important!

Imagine you sold a one-of-a-kind item and it ROCKED! Demand is soaring, and competition non-existent. In fact, revenue is so high that the financial institution you use is holding a parade solely in your honor. Sounds pretty good, huh?
Unfortunately this may not really mesh with reality. Each one of our businesses is in a competitive environment, its as plain and simple as that. Customers are increasingly demanding, competitors are creeping in and businesses that weren't initially your competition are offering more products and services that overlap with yours. Continue reading...

If You Like It Then You Should Have Put A Ring On It!!!

"Oh, oh, oh, oh ohhh!" Wait! Before you wad up this piece of paper to throw at my head, I promise not to sing.
Now that I’ve got you humming Beyonce’s famous song, you’re likely thinking, "Yep. Karen has finally gone off the deep end! After all, how on earth could this song and my business have anything in common?" It’s actually quite simple. Continue reading...

In Business Biting The Hand That Feeds You Can Leave a Very 'Poor' Taste

As self-employed entrepreneurs we all know the value of our customers. They provide testimonials, word of mouth referrals, loyalty, and the biggie income - music to your ears, isn't it?
Well, that’s a pretty simple equation isn’t it? Happy customers provide testimonials, word of mouth referrals, loyalty, and an oldie but a goodie, m-o-n-e-y. The problem is, as entrepreneurs we are forever in pursuit of building. Building in itself is not the problem, the problem arises when you fall into the trap of forgetting your existing clients in pursuit of adding new clients. Continue reading...

Network Like It's Nobody Else's Business...
Because Frankly It Isn't!!

Have you ever prepared for a networking or business meeting - finally, you're having a 'good' hair day, you're totally rockin' your outfit and you're feeling confident about your new and improved elevator speech. You can sense it... it's going to be a great event.
You prepare to enter the networking room and make your Angeline Jolie entrance, and then it hits you. You take a look around and immediately see five other people who are your 'competitors', connecting with the same people you want to connect with, looking for the same sale that you need. Does their hair look as great as yours, 'no', but you realize that's only going to get you so far. Continue reading...

Why Do You Want To Be Different?

"It's Not Easy Being Green" Kermit the Frog
Do you know one of the fundamental differences between a business developing a new clientele base and a business stagnating has a much to do with their offering? What do you have that would make me want to try your services instead of staying with my current provider?
Continue reading...

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