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Did you know that 38 percent of entrepreneurs break their New Year Resolutions for their businesses by January 15th?

ImageDid you know that 38 percent of entrepreneurs break their New Year Resolutions for their businesses by January 15th? Okay, I'm just pulling your leg and I completely made that up! However, I bet I had a whole bunch of you thinking. After all, when it comes to change, we all know it's easier said than done. We are creatures of habit but let me tell you there's a good chance that status quo is making you broke.

As business owners so many of us resolved to build our businesses. More clients. More reach. More cash!! But I would like to challenge each and every one of you to dig deeper. Unless Santa left you a magic lamp, it's not enough just to merely want your business to succeed. As an entrepreneur you need to develop a concrete, real and manageable action plan as to how you're going to get there. Your business growth, regardless if you are a start up, or if you are seasoned, is dependent on you doing far more than wishing.

Networking, marketing, strategic business planning, online presence, time management (‘yes' I deliberately put this beside online presence), branding, bookkeeping, accounting … they should all be part of your business strategy for this year. Although it may seem you have a million balls in the air, start writing down all that you do and determine what eats away at your time. I'm sure there are a few things you can give up/barter/hire someone to look after so that you can concentrate on more important things for your business development. I can personal say that I meet so many small business owners who desperate need to update their marketing plans, and for those of you that are not networking, there is a world of opportunity for your business development right at your doorstep. Over the last few years I have generated a network that includes 100s of people that I know, I like and I trust. I no longer have to look beyond my own contact list for people offering products and services and on the flip side, my business has grown to new heights because of my group.

When it comes your business success, no one can want it more than you do. Allow yourself to focus on what you do best and find others to help with the rest.

They say that luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. This year spend time preparing your business strategy and rest assured this could very well be your luckiest year of all!

Karen Baring


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