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About Karen Baring

As the CEO of BusiWomen Inc, Karen Baring has always believed in the true value of community. She has utilized her dual degrees in Sociology and City Development from McMaster University along with her professional networking facilitation skills, business acumen and mentoring of others in business to create thriving and inspiring communities for 1000s of women entrepreneurs.

Recognized for her strong ability to successfully teach others to network and to cultivate a community to grow their businesses, Karen is energetic and results driven. Yet she works to ensure each and every meeting and speaking engagement remains light-hearted and fun. She is often cited for saying, “Just because you are work doesn't mean it has to be boring”. She understands the need to bring creativity, humour and outside of the box strategies to networking, working with clients, speaking engagements and for overall business success.

Karen is an influential International Guest speaker, a sought after meeting facilitator and a trusted mentor and advisor for hundreds of business owners and executives. She is devoted to helping ordinary women live extraordinary lives through personal and professional development and economic empowerment. She also works with larger businesses to support them in strategic brand development, team dynamics, leadership and engagement.

When she isn't working with entrepreneurs, she is inspired to support her own community as well as work on broader scales initiatives. Karen is a dedicated Board Member of the Halton Multicultural Council and is always developing initiates to encourage younger children to volunteer and be engaged in their own communities. Her philanthropic nature leads to her particular interest in helping women and children to provide a better means for themselves and future generations.

Karen is married to Darin (yes, they are Karen and Darin!), and is a mom of two young children.


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